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If you’re like me, you’re tired of the same old boring and frustrating diet models that leave you feeling deprived and struggling to achieve your health goals? I know firsthand how challenging it can be – not only to release those unwanted pounds but also to deal with chronic pain, fatigue and illnesses that keep you from feeling and looking your best. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and carrying 55 extra pounds for way too long, I just had to find the solutions that the traditional medical model was not giving me.

For too many years I struggled to get healthy, lose weight and most importantly, feel good. I tried diets, went to doctors who fed me a different pill for every symptom and still, there was no relief in sight.

I hoped and prayed for a better way to end the stress and frustration over my health. Then my journey began and I read every book I could find, took courses, and finally found the answer. As someone who struggled for years to get healthy, followed all the traditional and conventional advice — with poor results, I spent over 10,000 hours searching for ways to heal my fatigued, overweight, unhealthy body. Then I got professionally trained and certified so I could share these secrets with you.

The result … “New-Trition!”

Now I’m on a mission to share this so you don’t have to suffer or struggle anymore.

Welcome to New-Trition! You’ll want to join us for this free webinar on August 21st. I’m going to share with you The 5 Secrets to Set You Free (just like I’ve been set free) from Feeling Fat, Frazzled and Frumpy Forever.

After adopting the secrets I’ll be sharing on this webinar, I shed 55 pounds in 25 weeks with ease, have kept it off for years and no longer struggle with food cravings, over-eating and weight gain. The end of suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Celiac disease.

We’ve got one life to live …let’s make it the best one ever!

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Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine!

Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine that will help you evolve into a healthier, happier life. Whether you’ve taken a genetic test or plan to, these experts will teach you the best practices for using this information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health!

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Your host, James Maskell, has gathered world-renowned leaders from genetics, genomics and functional medicine. These pioneering experts are on the front lines interpreting data to create improved health in patients around the globe. It’s time to join the movement to know who you are, and use that information to improve your health!

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The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit will teach you about:

  • Your predisposition for diseases and how to minimize manifestation.
  • Genetic health traits your children are likely to inherit.
  • Whether your medications and supplements are right for you.
  • How to unlock previously unsolved health challenges.
  • And more!

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit is online and free from August 21-28, 2017!

It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support.