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Live Longer Feel Better

Live Longer Feel Better!

Are Your Aging Before Your Time

If I could grant you the ability to live to be 120 years old, would you even want to? What about “just” 100? With the rate at which our bodies normally fall apart, those ages might not sound very appealing.

If our health starts really declining at 60 and we’re stuck in a nursing home by 80 – with the battery having almost fizzled out – why would we want to remain in that state even longer than normal? But what if the battery was still as fully charged at 85 as it was at 45? What if we could still be vibrant at 93? Enjoying our grand-children and everything they get up to. And just enjoying everyday LIFE?

This happens more often than you think. And I believe it can be true for the vast majority of us. That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to a screening of an upcoming documentary about longevity. It’s a film that’s made with real feeling and it has stacks of anti-aging information in there. The documentary is titled “Live Longer, Feel Better!”

Grab Your FREE Ticket today.

The documentary series is all about expanding not only the length of our lives, but the quality of life well into our later years. Long term studies have proven that you can rid yourself of up to 80 percent of the disease risk that plagues many people and ends up cutting their life unnecessarily short. Taking care of ourselves now definitely can mean enjoying our independence later!

Live a Long, Fulfilling Life

Many people suffer greatly in their senior years, often battling multiple chronic diseases. Diabetes, kidney disease and the various cancers are no walk in the park. Trust me, that does NOT have to be you!

Join 40 leading health experts for the “Live Longer, Feel Better!” documentary series to learn everything you need to know about living a long life that can also be vibrant! (and disease free). Everything is packed into 7 powerful episodes that you can watch FREE on your computer, or mobile device. The screening airs February 1st to 7th.

If you’re at all concerned with where you want to be 30 years from now, 40 years from now, you should see this. Sign up now.

Millions are suffering from these (and don’t know it)!

Parasite Summit
You are likely hosting one or more parasites–which can enter your body through food, drink, contact with infected persons–and can live within you for years!

At The Parasite Summit, our experts will help you determine if parasites are silently impacting your health–they’re FAR MORE COMMON than you think!

Register for The Parasite Summit.

Parasites aren’t just found in third-world countries, millions are already infected in industrialized countries–they’re far more common than you realize and could be silently hampering your health.

Fortunately, with awareness and appropriate care, parasites can be prevented and treated, once detected.

Register for FREE now!

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace (plus, your purchase helps to create more of these valuable health talks!)

If you’re struggling with any of the following, you MUST attend this event:

  • Gastrointestinal: pain/cramps, excess gas, bloating, constipation/diarrhea
  • Infertility and hormone disorders
  • Skin issues: acne, itching, rashes
  • Mental health: depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.
  • Challenges with autoimmune disease recovery
  • And more!

The Parasite Summit is online and free from September 11-18, 2017!

It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support.


If you’re like me, you’re tired of the same old boring and frustrating diet models that leave you feeling deprived and struggling to achieve your health goals? I know firsthand how challenging it can be – not only to release those unwanted pounds but also to deal with chronic pain, fatigue and illnesses that keep you from feeling and looking your best. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and carrying 55 extra pounds for way too long, I just had to find the solutions that the traditional medical model was not giving me.

For too many years I struggled to get healthy, lose weight and most importantly, feel good. I tried diets, went to doctors who fed me a different pill for every symptom and still, there was no relief in sight.

I hoped and prayed for a better way to end the stress and frustration over my health. Then my journey began and I read every book I could find, took courses, and finally found the answer. As someone who struggled for years to get healthy, followed all the traditional and conventional advice — with poor results, I spent over 10,000 hours searching for ways to heal my fatigued, overweight, unhealthy body. Then I got professionally trained and certified so I could share these secrets with you.

The result … “New-Trition!”

Now I’m on a mission to share this so you don’t have to suffer or struggle anymore.

Welcome to New-Trition! You’ll want to join us for this free webinar on August 21st. I’m going to share with you The 5 Secrets to Set You Free (just like I’ve been set free) from Feeling Fat, Frazzled and Frumpy Forever.

After adopting the secrets I’ll be sharing on this webinar, I shed 55 pounds in 25 weeks with ease, have kept it off for years and no longer struggle with food cravings, over-eating and weight gain. The end of suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Celiac disease.

We’ve got one life to live …let’s make it the best one ever!

 CLICK HERE for the details and join us for the webinar.

Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine!

Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine that will help you evolve into a healthier, happier life. Whether you’ve taken a genetic test or plan to, these experts will teach you the best practices for using this information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health!

Register for The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit.

Your host, James Maskell, has gathered world-renowned leaders from genetics, genomics and functional medicine. These pioneering experts are on the front lines interpreting data to create improved health in patients around the globe. It’s time to join the movement to know who you are, and use that information to improve your health!

Register for FREE now!

HELP OUR MISSION! Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace (plus, your purchase helps to create more of these valuable health talks!)

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit will teach you about:

  • Your predisposition for diseases and how to minimize manifestation.
  • Genetic health traits your children are likely to inherit.
  • Whether your medications and supplements are right for you.
  • How to unlock previously unsolved health challenges.
  • And more!

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit is online and free from August 21-28, 2017!

It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support.

Join me on Monday to learn about Lyme disease!

Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2

The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2 starts on June 19th, and tens of thousands will learn from the expert protocols that could radically improve the life of someone with Lyme disease.

Will you be there?

What you could learn at The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 2:

  • Symptoms (common and rare!)
  • Diagnosis and testing
  • Practical at-home health tips
  • Healing protocol explanations
  • And more!If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

1. Register immediately to make sure you’ll see the free talks.

2. SALE ENDS MONDAY! Purchase all of the expert talks and help us reach more people struggling to live healthy lives (thank you for supporting the mission!):

*The online access package for all of the expert talks is $59 now through Tuesday morning at 10 A.M. U.S. eastern. After that, it increases to $79.

It’s true, more than 300,000 people each year contract Lyme disease. Your support of this event, in sharing or buying the talks, will not only help the host, but will help me continue to reach those who are in dire need of my message and expertise. Thank you!

Click here to learn more about owning this expert advice and supporting the mission:

It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support.

Trillions of bacteria control your health!

Your greatest ally in health is your microbiome–the trillions of bacteria that are the control center of your health! Learn the lessons and methodologies of microbiome medicine–it could improve your health, longevity, vitality and assist with unresolved problems!

Don’t miss The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 from May 8-15, 2017, free and online!

Your host of The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2, Dr. Raphael Kellman, has seen the profound healing power of microbiome medicine and how it can address many diseases.

Once you understand the staggering role the microbiome plays in every single aspect of your health, you’ll understand the keys to a healthy and meaningful life.

Register for FREE now.
Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace.

The Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit will teach you about:
Enhance brain function, mood, anxiety and depression
Address gastrointestinal illnesses, including IBS, Crohn’s and colitis
Counter newly identified GI/brain syndromes
Address autoimmune diseases (at the root cause!)

Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit is online and free from May 8-15, 2017!

Register for FREE today.

[HELP OUR MISSION!] Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace (plus, your purchase helps to create more of these valuable health talks!).


It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your support.

Self-Assessment Tool

How toxic are you?

Have you ever wondered what effect the products we use and the foods we eat are having on our inner body?

I’m excited to share a free Toxicity Evaluation Tool with you, that our friends James and Laurentine from Food Matters have made available for a short time.

You can grab a copy of this evaluation tool when you secure a spot for their upcoming FREE Online Detox and Cleanse Workshop. If you’ve ever thought about doing a detox or cleanse, then this workshop is for you!!

The 5-Part Cleanse & Detox Workshop is an online event beginning March 20th and will guide you on a 10-day personal journey to looking and feeling better than you have in years.

During this FREE 5-Part Workshop You Will:

  • Learn how to heal your body from within
  • Lose weight safely and sustainably
  • Learn how to balance your hormones with healing foods
  • Experience the ‘side effects’ of feeling fresh and ALIVE
  • Boost your immune system
  • Recalibrate your appetite and kick those nasty cravings
  • Get energized with inspiring interviews
  • Reset your metabolism & reduce your bloating
  • And much more!

You will also get immediate access to the Toxicity Evaluation Tool plus there is some powerful films you can watch, and it’s all free!

You’ll hear from world-renowned cleansing experts such as  David Wolfe, Joe Cross, Ocean Robbins, Robyn Openshaw on how to reboot your body for maximum health and energy!

You can secure your FREE pass to the entire online workshop here!

Trust me, I think you’re going to love this one!

Don’t miss the World Premiere of The Thyroid Secret!


The Thyroid SecretThe wait is OVER!

The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here!

The World Premiere of The Thyroid Secret goes LIVE tonight and together we’re going to change the world!

And I don’t want you to miss a single episode (watch every single episode FREE online!)

If for some reason you haven’t already… CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Don’t miss one second of this life-changing information. Finally, all the pieces will come together about thyroid disease.

With the amazing information and expertise that’s about to be shared we’ll take the mystery and the misdirection out of this condition once and for all…

But you won’t discover anything at all if you’re not there live!

The time is NOW to take back your health, your life and get the future you deserve!

Take a peek at these incredible experts you’ll meet throughout the documentary series, but this isn’t even half of them.

  • Dr. Izabella Wentz: Thyroid disease expert, researcher, and patient advocate
  • Dr. Alan Christianson: NYT best-selling author, founder of Integrative Health
  • Dr. Amy Myers: Expert in functional medicine, specializes in autoimmune solutions and candida control
  • Dr. Eric Osansky: Innovative chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist, certified nutrition specialist, herbal therapy certification
  • Dr. David Haase: Founder/Director of MaxWell Clinic, Chief Medical Officer of XYMOGEN and TrendShift-LifeStrive Group
  • Dana Trentini: Hypothyroid Mom, winner of Health Activist Hero, author

I want to invite you to join me and thousands of others who are saying YES to recovering their health and living their best lives… starting TODAY! Register HERE!

See you tonight at 6:00 P.M. ET sharp! (Don’t be late!)

The Heart Revolution Summit


How does heartbreak, grief, anger and resentment affect our health?

The truth is this: Our hearts and minds are deeply connected, and science now shows that the heart is a powerful organ of intelligence and emotion, deeply connected to our whole body.

I highly recommend the upcoming free Heart Revolution summit which will be taking a deep-dive into mind-body health and medicine.

With all the medical advances of recent decades, why is it that heart diseases are the number one killer of women and men?

Anger, stress, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins and poor nutrition affect our physical heart health as well as our happiness, productivity, and our relationships.

In just a few days, my good friend, Razi Berry, invites you to begin a deeply personal journey with this powerful FREE online event “The Heart Revolution; How to Heal, Empower and Follow your Heart.”

This event is a journey to unlock the secrets of our hearts so we can live longer, healthier more fulfilled lives.

  • Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds.
  • Perhaps there is a history of heart attack in your family. Maybe someone you love suffers from high blood pressure or cholesterol.
  • Maybe you are unable to let go of resentment or suffered a childhood trauma that affects you today.
  • Perhaps a friend you care about is stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns or you are living with the pain of grief and loss.

This is my invitation to you to join The Heart Revolution FREE as my guest which starts February 25th.

Register here for access to the series, and see what more than 60 experts in the field of medicine, psychology, naturopathy, relationship studies, human consciousness and quantum science say about the heart-brain connection, and how you can live a longer life filled with more love, more joy, more happiness and better health.

The Heart Revolution will empower you to follow your intuition, to listen to your inner voice and to break through the barriers that keep you from your best health. You will learn emerging science not shared anywhere else that shows maybe everything we thought about heart disease was wrong!

Join me and REGISTER HERE for The Heart Revolution to empower, heal and follow your heart! Together we can make the world a healthier, happier place.

Get early access to all of the interviews when you order them today:


Break the cycle of autoimmune pain!

The Autoimmune Revolution

Autoimmune diseases and the physical, chemical and emotional pain they create impacts millions around the world. The primary way doctors treat these diseases is to prescribe immune suppressing drugs. Unfortunately, this approach has failed to achieve a meaningful outcome and has created an even greater health crisis–what Dr. Peter Osborne calls “The Prescription Pain Trap”–which you will learn more about during this important event.

Dr. Osborne created The Autoimmune Revolution to help you prevent and reverse autoimmune pain. It’s time to achieve greater health and improved happiness so you can break the cycle of pain and start living again!

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During The Autoimmune Revolution, you’ll learn about:
Conquering chronic pain and autoimmune conditions
The connection between autoimmune diseases, diet and lifestyle choices
6 diet and behavior changes you need to make to radically improve health
Breaking the cycle of medications and dependency on allopathic treatments

The Autoimmune Revolution is online and free from January 30 – February 6, 2017!

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Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace.