It Really is Time to Start Losing Weight!

I’m not the kind of person who makes New Year’s resolutions. I don’t start new things at the beginning of the month, week, or even the start of the day. I start things when I’m ready. And I’m ready now. That took a long time in coming but I’m glad I finally made the decision.

You might wonder why I feel the need to blog about my weight loss. First and foremost, I am doing this for myself. If you want to share the experience with me, then come along. Maybe you will find the inspiration to start something you have been putting off for a long time. For me, it’s been a long journey to get here. Now that I am finally determined to make it happen, I feel the need to make it concrete by putting it into words.

Who am I? I’m a 57 year old woman with three children and three grandchildren. I don’t feel 57 but the calendar tells me otherwise. At first, I was the young mom who was slender and fit when I only had one child. Then after the third child the weight just wouldn’t come off as easily. I was only 30 but there were so many other things going on in my life that losing weight wasn’t high on my priority list. Life was rapidly changing every day. I just couldn’t do everything.

Life gets in the way of taking care of yourself, and like many women, I had put my family first. Then I went back to work. The hours and stress took too much energy. Exercise was off the radar. There was little enough time to get sleep. Even sleeping didn’t make me feel rested. It was a viscious cycle.

Then I realized, I’m in my 50’s – how did I get here without taking care of  myself? I had lived through a divorce, the children growing up, and a second marriage but I still had not taken care of myself. Now is the time. I have finally convinced myself that I need to come first. If I feel better, I will be better able to take care of my husband, enjoy my grandchildren, and hopefully live a fuller life.

This is day one. I will share with you my triumphs and my failures. I hope that the former will outweigh the latter. But I’m human, I know that I will mess up somewhere along the way. Tomorrow, I will do my first weigh in. (UGH!) I’m in it for the good, bad, and the ugly. If you feel that you want to share your experiences to help me, and anyone else who may read this blog, please send me your comments. I am open to suggestions and advice. This is going to be challenge but I’m going to face it down and make the changes that I have been putting off because I let life get in the way. Ready? Deep breath… Yes I am.

Next — the weigh in

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