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Self-Assessment Tool

How toxic are you?

Have you ever wondered what effect the products we use and the foods we eat are having on our inner body?

I’m excited to share a free Toxicity Evaluation Tool with you, that our friends James and Laurentine from Food Matters have made available for a short time.

You can grab a copy of this evaluation tool when you secure a spot for their upcoming FREE Online Detox and Cleanse Workshop. If you’ve ever thought about doing a detox or cleanse, then this workshop is for you!!

The 5-Part Cleanse & Detox Workshop is an online event beginning March 20th and will guide you on a 10-day personal journey to looking and feeling better than you have in years.

During this FREE 5-Part Workshop You Will:

  • Learn how to heal your body from within
  • Lose weight safely and sustainably
  • Learn how to balance your hormones with healing foods
  • Experience the ‘side effects’ of feeling fresh and ALIVE
  • Boost your immune system
  • Recalibrate your appetite and kick those nasty cravings
  • Get energized with inspiring interviews
  • Reset your metabolism & reduce your bloating
  • And much more!

You will also get immediate access to the Toxicity Evaluation Tool plus there is some powerful films you can watch, and it’s all free!

You’ll hear from world-renowned cleansing experts such as  David Wolfe, Joe Cross, Ocean Robbins, Robyn Openshaw on how to reboot your body for maximum health and energy!

You can secure your FREE pass to the entire online workshop here!

Trust me, I think you’re going to love this one!

And the weight loss is…

A half a pound. That’s right. Not even a full pound. All I can think is I am an older woman (as much as I hate to believe it), my metabolism is slower, my hormones are what they used to be and the body doesn’t work as well as it did in my 20’s or 30’s. But this is ridiculous.

So I’m trying a detox diet to get rid of all of the toxins built up in my system. I’m going totally gluten free, no processed sugars, no whole grains, and no red meat. I’ve ordered gluten free oatmeal, coconut milk, chia seeds, and coconut oil. I’m going to try two weeks of this detox to see if I can kick start the weight loss. No eggs or coffee for breakfast. Lean protein – chicken or fish – for main meals. No processed sugar of any kind. Protein bars are a joke for someone like me. They are for real athletes who need large amounts of carbs to keep them moving.

I will share recipes when I find good ones. They have to taste good – that’s the first criteria. If I won’t eat them, then I won’t recommend them to anyone else. Plus I need to satisfy my sweet tooth in one way or another. I did find a one ingredient “soft ice cream” recipe that is really good. I had never tried this before but some friends recommended it.

Peel a banana, cut it into rings, and freeze for a couple of hours. Place the frozen banana rings in a blender or food processor and blend the heck out of them. When they are the consistency of soft ice cream, you’ve got dessert. The first time I tried it I was surprised. The consistency was right and if you like bananas, and I do, it’s a great substitute for soft ice cream.

Detox starts in a day, more to come.