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Live Longer Feel Better

Live Longer Feel Better!

Are Your Aging Before Your Time

If I could grant you the ability to live to be 120 years old, would you even want to? What about “just” 100? With the rate at which our bodies normally fall apart, those ages might not sound very appealing.

If our health starts really declining at 60 and we’re stuck in a nursing home by 80 – with the battery having almost fizzled out – why would we want to remain in that state even longer than normal? But what if the battery was still as fully charged at 85 as it was at 45? What if we could still be vibrant at 93? Enjoying our grand-children and everything they get up to. And just enjoying everyday LIFE?

This happens more often than you think. And I believe it can be true for the vast majority of us. That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to a screening of an upcoming documentary about longevity. It’s a film that’s made with real feeling and it has stacks of anti-aging information in there. The documentary is titled “Live Longer, Feel Better!”

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The documentary series is all about expanding not only the length of our lives, but the quality of life well into our later years. Long term studies have proven that you can rid yourself of up to 80 percent of the disease risk that plagues many people and ends up cutting their life unnecessarily short. Taking care of ourselves now definitely can mean enjoying our independence later!

Live a Long, Fulfilling Life

Many people suffer greatly in their senior years, often battling multiple chronic diseases. Diabetes, kidney disease and the various cancers are no walk in the park. Trust me, that does NOT have to be you!

Join 40 leading health experts for the “Live Longer, Feel Better!” documentary series to learn everything you need to know about living a long life that can also be vibrant! (and disease free). Everything is packed into 7 powerful episodes that you can watch FREE on your computer, or mobile device. The screening airs February 1st to 7th.

If you’re at all concerned with where you want to be 30 years from now, 40 years from now, you should see this. Sign up now.


Betrayal – The Series

Today with the launch of Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s first full-length docuseries, an entirely new conversation will begin around Autoimmune Disease.

This is my invitation to you to watch the Betrayal series, at no cost, as my guest, and to help us begin a new revolution in health.  Register here for access to the series, as my guest.

The world’s leading minds say that autoimmunity is the core cause for ALL disease, for cardiovascular disease, for CANCER.  Even for depression and suicide.

Autoimmune disease robs our youth, steals our years and ruins lives… But it CAN be reversed and put into remission… this is the information desperately needed.

This project leaves Dr. Tom’s hands after 30 years of clinical research, patient care and relationships and it goes out to the world at large to change the face of autoimmunity.

Do you have someone you love suffering with an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, diabetes, thyroid disease such as graves or Hashimoto’s, dementia or Alzheimer’s? Or are you yourself facing a life-debilitating disease?

These diseases destroy lives, shatter dreams, devastate families and leave you feeling deep shame. It’s heartbreaking. The tragedy we face is that these diseases are so prevalent that you should no longer be asking if, but when will autoimmune disease affect your life or the life or your loved one? The truth is that 1 in 3 people are affected by autoimmune disease. Will it be you or someone you love?

That’s exactly why I am sharing with you this powerful resource that could likely be one of the most valuable gifts you’ve ever been given. For a limited time, in just a few days, my good friend, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, invites you to begin a deeply personal journey with his powerful FREE 7-Part documentary series “Betrayal: the autoimmune disease solution they’re not telling you.”

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This documentary is crucial for you whether you want to be proactive and prevent disease or are wanting to reverse a specific autoimmune disease. With over 75 interviews you’re going to hear from experts such as Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, Dr Mark Hyman and JJ Virgin as well as our doctors and scientists from around the GLOBE that Dr. Tom interviewed – from England, Portugal, Italy or Germany.


There are scores of stories of breakthroughs. These are people that have stopped or even reversed their disease! You or your loved ones can have the exact same experience. Get empowered with the true solution to autoimmune disease.

“Doing these interviews has been a privilege and one of the most inspirational experiences of my life.  I literally traveled the globe (twice) gathering interviews from the leading minds on autoimmunity.” ~ Dr. Tom O’Bryan

The world’s leading minds say that autoimmunity is the core cause for almost ALL disease, for cardiovascular disease, for CANCER.  Even for depression and suicide.

The Betrayal series is yours as our gift to you. There’s no cost, other than your time – and that is an investment you will gain back a hundred fold in health.  AND PLEASE SHARE this email and video trailer with those you love who are affected or want to protect their health and family.

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