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Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit

I remember for the longest time, I couldn’t understand what it REALLY meant to be sensitive to gluten. There was (and still is) so much conflicting information on the web… much of it in terms and words that didn’t mean anything to me and effectively left me in the dark.

Looking back, I wish that I had some way of short cutting the process and understanding gluten sensitivity in terms that made sense and gave me the confidence to talk about it to friends, family or even my health practitioners.

My friend Jennifer Fugo, the founder of Gluten Free School, is hosting an amazing online event starting September 8 called the Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit that I know you’ll love!

CLICK HERE to check it out…

Twenty-three health experts who lecture internationally on health, autoimmunity, gluten sensitivity and cooking will dish on the latest and most valuable (and useful) information. AND they’ll show you how to actually understand and integrate it into your busy life!

Forget the “doctor speak” and science jargon that makes your head spin. Get a clear understanding not just of gluten sensitivity, but of all its major ramifications that you probably don’t often hear about, but are actually critical to your health.

Each of the thirty-minute interviews is super focused so that you get the answers you need without wasting your entire day. I know you’re busy which is why I believe this condensed format makes the most sense.

The entire Summit is online so you don’t even need to leave your home, take off from work or dealing with the kids and pay for travel.

AND… The entire event is completely free for you to attend!

It’s a total win-win for a busy woman living with gluten sensitivity who’s ready to feel confident and informed, feel empowered to advocate for herself (and her family) and be inspired to make simple, meaningful changes.

Join me at the Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit and get the answers you need and want!

CLICK HERE to grab your free access pass!

No matter if you’re new to eating gluten-free or been at it for twenty years, there’s so many pearls of wisdom that you can gain by listening in to the Summit.

Plus I know that you’ll love the many free gifts and chances to win various prize packs just for registering for the Summit!

CLICK HERE to register now… it takes less than 30 seconds!

See you there!

Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit

Here’s one series I am sure not going to miss – The Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit starting, September 8-12, 2014. This FREE ONLINE event brings over 18 gluten-free health experts who will offer the most up-to-date information on thriving with gluten sensitivity. They will take  the complexity of gluten sensitivity and break it parts to give you clear information and easy steps to feel better.
Women's Gluten-Free Health Summit

Every day, new speakers’ topics will be available. You literally can attend all the events from the comfort of your own home or even on the go at the times that work for you.
Register for the summit now!